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First Priority this Morning :

First priority this morning : connect to my higher self and consciously plug into Source.

I am most susceptible to feeling anxiety in the mornings. During times like these, my empathetic system is sometimes overloaded. The uncertainty of transformation is circling the globe and it feels like unpleasant tingling on my skin when my energetic field gets too thin and pale around me. I feel it start to happen with great awareness and my priority becomes strengthening myself back to the most maximum capacity I know... which keeps growing and establishing as more and more solid in me.

We are all being called to the next level of empowerment, sovereignty, and clarity right now. This isn't a time to be lazy or sloppy with our self care. It's time to strengthen our energetic muscles with repetitive recalibration of our energy fields.

The set point is strengthened each time we come back to awareness and peace of mind.

In truth... we are so much more than these bodies and these lives we live. Nothing can harm us at the soul level, but our identified lives are at threat or massive change and systems around us are collapsing. It is very real in the dramatic play before our eyes. The movie we are living is highly captivating.

It's time for clarity about our roles here in this theatrical. We get to play with our characters and our spoken lines. We get to experiment with how we let all the emotions and sensations run through our nervous systems. We get to play with how we engage with our neighbors, friends, family and global community.

Ultimately though, we get to tune into our eternal existence and our unity with everything we consider separate in our daze.

The contrast experience is a wake up call to our system. In the moments of confusion we get a jump start desire to see the illusion for what it is and bring our collective whole back together in harmony.

I do not pretend to hold steady with complete consistency... I feel myself start to drain. I feel myself get lost in the confusion. It is important for me right now to set up "safety nets" around me. People to call, community to hold me, just as I hold my community. My spiritual practices each day are like my energetic vitamins and my top priority.

This is an opportunity for radical clarity, committed self care, and tender love for my local and global community.

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