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Manifesting Miracles

I just get so excited!! I know many of you do too... There are so many experiences calling me and I hardly know which one to pick next. Time is like an accordion with the past, present, and future all folding in on the NOW visions inside me. I am having so much fun BEING ALIVE in this little Leslie body. I get the opportunity to create so many visions on the physical plane! This morning as I was chanting I occasionally heard the words " You are a Manifesting Miracle." I can't stop thinking about it... Yeah, I love to create. I love to bring the visions to LIFE. I like to be able to touch, and smell, eat, and rub up against the atoms that bounce around in my imagination. So many opportunities still await. I want to paint more, sing more, go back to massage school, build sculptures, learn to weld, sew together fabric into collages again.... I dream about community dinners, group meditation camping retreats, evening starlight sing alongs by an outdoor alter in the woods... I know that I am not going to be in this body forever and ever.... but if I could, I would want to experience it ALL!!! and inside my imagination... I do!

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