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Describing God

You know what I find so fun and fascinating? All the many different ways that people describe the same things with different words and stories all over the world. We are all staring into the same looking glass, from different perspectives, and using our localized language to describe what we see. We call God by so many names. We personify with similar archetypes. We talk about our human nature and struggles using various words. We create different rituals of respect and adoration. All of us just dancing around the same Oneness.

The last 8-10 months I have been stepping fully into all kinds of circles that I was only dipping my toe into before. I am really loving more deeply immersing myself into new spheres. Trying on new ways of relating to the Divine, and approaching God from a whole new side. I just don’t want to stop coming to the CORE of the UNIVERSE to meet the source from every angle.

This is my life, exploring the Creator and my place within it all. I am having so much fun.

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