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Indigo Heart Beat


poetic messages from my burning heart

Sometimes I look around at all the people around me and I feel like I am living them, and they are living me. I feel like we are all one big heartbeat. one big puzzle scattered out on the earth.

your puzzle piece and my puzzle piece just wanting to come together. all of us enjoying the fun of being separated for awhile to walk about... all of us knowing we are really a beautiful picture for the infinite eye to see.


burning heart

my heart beats in synch with the universe
my blood runs indigo

Be the Heartbeat of the World

it is vibrational music in this world

Go ahead and let your rhythm be heard...


I don't always have time to respond to emails, but I love hearing
from people who come by the website.    If you would like to email me,
you can use the box below.   I love reading your kind words, poems,
reflections, and heart felt words.

I love you.  I love each of you.  I truly do.
I feel you out there when I am writing or creating something.

We are all so connected.  Truly.

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Be the HEART BEAT you wish to feel in this world...

indigo heartbeat

Leslie Indigo Alison
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